Hallitus Petri Rignell

Petri Rignell

Master of Science (Technology)

Serving on the Board since 2015

Chairman of the Board

Petri Rignell’s strong experience in serving on boards of directors and working in a leadership role has provided Kreate with opportunities to grow and develop. He is Chairman of the Board at Kreate and has extensive knowledge of the construction sector, which strengthens the company’s networks and enables it to expand boldly. Petri is the Managing Director of PriRock Oy.

Petri Rignell’s other key positions of trust:

    • Consti Group Plc, Board Member (since 2008)
    • Sitowise Oy, Board Member (since 2019)
    • CTV Properties AB, Chairman of the Board (since 2017)
    • Setera, Board Member (since 2017)
    • KFS Finland Oy, Board Member (since 2015)
    • Finno Energy Oy, Board Member (since 2017)
Hallitus Timo Kohtamaki

Timo Kohtamäki

Master of Science (Technology), Licentiate of Science (Technology)

Serving on the Board since 2015


Timo Kohtamäki is a leadership and investment professional who has offered his strong expertise in the construction sector and project-type business to Kreate’s Board since the early days of the company. His solid experience in strategic planning and business development strengthens Kreate’s project leadership and strategic competencies.

Timo Kohtamäki’s other key positions of trust:

    • Foudia Housing Oy, Chairman of the Board (since 2019)
    • Fluent Progress RT Oy, Board Member (since 2015)
    • Are Oy, Chairman of the Board (since 2018)
    • Luja-yhtiöt, Board Member (since 2017)
Hallitus Ronnie Neva aho

Ronnie Neva-aho

Upper secondary school graduate

Serving on the Board since 2015


Investor and serial entrepreneur Ronnie Neva-aho provides Kreate’s Board with perspectives on growth opportunities and entrepreneurship. Today, Ronnie acts as an equity investor, and his broad experience as an entrepreneur and developing and growing business operations is a great match with Kreate’s growth plans. His experience in working with inspired and hardworking people supports Kreate’s entrepreneurial company culture.

Ronnie Neva-aho’s other key positions of trust:

    • Rototec Oy, Board Member (since 2015)
    • Access Point Oy, Chairman of the Board (since 2013)
Hallitus Janne Naranen

Janne Näränen

Master of Science (Economics), Master of Science (Technology)

Serving on the Board since 2014


Janne Näränen’s experience in facilitating the growth and internationalisation of many Finnish companies will help outline Kreate’s growth opportunities. He has participated in creating and developing many medium-sized agile growth companies like Kreate. Janne has been with Intera Partners as an investment professional since 2008 and as a board member since 2011.

Janne Näränen’s other key positions of trust:

    • PHM Group Oy, Board Member (since 2018)
    • Sitowise Oy, Board Member (since 2016)
    • Renta Group Ltd, Board Member (since 2016)
    • Intera Partners Oy, Board Member (since 2011)
Hallitus Markus Vayrynen

Markus Väyrynen

Master of Science (Technology)

Serving on the Board since 2019


Markus Väyrynen brings to Kreate’s Board his experience in planning and expert business as well as Kreate’s business environment. His other strengths include business development, strategic planning and leadership. Markus has worked at the construction planning and consulting agency Sitowise in various roles, including as a Business Area Director and the company CEO. In addition, he has served on the boards of Finnish Road Association and Sito Oy.