Johto Timo Vikstrom

Timo Vikström

President & CEO

Engineer, eMBA

Serving on the Management Team since 2017

“I am impressed by our inspired and committed team. Kreate’s values – integrity, entrepreneurship, humanity and straightforwardness – are well in line with my own. I have worked in international positions and have solid experience in the infrastructure business. My integration and company acquisition expertise has been useful considering Kreate’s strong growth. In my position, it is incredible to see the power of a strong team that works together.”

Johto Jaakko Kivi

Jaakko Kivi

Senior Vice President, Transport infrastructure

Master of Science (Technology)

Serving on the Management Team since 2018

“As a Head of Business Unit, I am in charge of transport infrastructure and railway construction. My diverse experience with the different collaboration models in infrastructure construction supports my organisation with current and future projects. Our people work with a great attitude every day, and it is wonderful to lead such a competent team of professionals. Digitalisation is rapidly advancing our industry, making construction sites more efficient as well as improving communication with our personnel working across Finland.”

Johto Antti Heinola

Antti Heinola

Finance and ICT

Master of Science (Economics)

Serving on the Management Team since 2017

“My diverse competence in financial management and the development of the Finance and ICT functions supports Kreate’s growth targets in a great way. My experience in project work provides perspectives on driving things ahead. Together with my strong team, I develop financial reporting and functions, collaborating with other units.”

Johto Ville Niutanen

Ville Niutanen

Managing Director, KFS Finland Oy

PhD, Master of Arts, Bachelor of Engineering

Serving on the Management Team since 2018

“My broad experience in environmental and foundation construction across various industries as well as KFS Finland employees’ solid competence in special foundation construction strengthen Kreate Group’s foundation and environmental business. Our diverse collaboration projects are an excellent demonstration of our combined efforts, and they strengthen the Group’s construction service portfolio. The Group expresses a genuine drive, and it has the right combination of experienced professionals and young specialists who are eager to learn more.”

Johto Katja Pussinen

Katja Pussinen


Master of Science (Economics)

Serving on the Management Team since 2017

“I work closely with my team on various aspects of HR administration and development. Our goal is that everyone can be the best version of themselves at Kreate. I have extensive experience in working in various HR positions across the infrastructure sector, which I use in the development of functions. I am happy with our company’s such low employee turnover and high engagement.”

Johto Sami rantala

Sami Rantala

Bridge construction and repair

Master of Science (Technology)

Serving on the Management Team since 2014

“I have been part of the Kreate team right from the start. My career comprises various roles involving bridges and a range of different engineering structures. I am proud of my organisation where I have been joined by experienced bridge builders who show integrity and are eager to improve. Our projects have often received recognition and for them we are to thank our wonderful professionals. I have a strong entrepreneurial mindset just because of my background, and my crew has adopted a similar attitude towards working.”

Johto Tommi Lehtola

Tommi Lehtola

Foundation and concrete construction

Bachelor of Engineering

Serving on the Management Team since 2016

“I have been with Kreate since the company was first founded, but I became interested in infrastructure construction already when I was young by working with my father and grandfather. Our innovative team works well together and challenges itself time and time again. I am really proud of our experts and the demanding projects that we deliver. We develop new solutions for construction as well as for advancing material streams and the circular economy.”

Johto Petri Uitus

Petri Uitus

Technical Director


Serving on the Management Team since 2015

“I am a long-standing infrastructure builder, and my work reflects my background as an entrepreneur. I advance things effectively and in good collaboration with others. At Kreate, I work with major and joint projects right from the calculation stage. My competence helps the company start new projects efficiently.”

Juha Salminen verkkosivu

Juha Salminen

Managing Director, Kreate Rata Oy

Bachelor of Engineering

Serving on the Management Team since 2017

“Our railway specialists joined Kreate’s yellow-and-black ranks in 2017. Railway construction and working under demanding conditions have been part of my everyday work for many years. Having an entrepreneurial mindset and feeling joy at work come naturally to me, and they are a great fit for Kreate’s company culture. After we joined the Kreate team, I have come to realise how strong a team can be. Here, we can share our expertise across different units.”

Tommi Hakanen netti2

Tommi Hakanen

Technical Office

Master of Science (Technology), Bachelor of Engineering

Serving on the Management Team since 2020