The key principles of Kreate’s communications are consistency, accuracy, transparency, activeness and fairness. Kreate has set up a whistle blowing procedure in order for the persons employed by Kreate to have means of notifying cases in which there is reasonable doubt that someone employed by Kreate would have violated laws and regulations concerning securities markets.

The notifications are reviewed by a person authorised by the Company. If there reason to suspect an infringement based on such report or if the infringement can be proven, the Company shall take the case to the competent authorities.

How can I submit a whistleblowing-report?

You can submit a whistleblowing report in your own name or anonymously by sending a report to:

1) to the HR Director in a way the whistleblower considers appropriate;

2) by sending email to

Describe in your own words your suspicions and the circumstances leading to them. You can email your report anonymously by using an email address that does not disclose the sender’s identity. In order to process an anonymous report appropriately, the report needs to describe the suspected infringement and the whistleblower’s basis for the suspicion and/or details of it.