Kreate aims to be one of leading implementers of demanding infrastructure construction projects in Finland. Kreate has demonstrated its ability to grow profitably and it has successfully expanded into new business areas of infrastructure construction. Kreate intends to continue offering well-functioning comprehensive solutions for demanding infrastructure construction projects based on its broad know-how and service offering.

Kreate strives to be the most attractive workplace in the industry and maintain an entrepreneurial spirit in its activities.

Kreate’s strategic cornerstones are the following:

Positioning in growing market segments

Kreate aims to leverage its good market position and improve its market position in the segments of their Core Market that especially benefit from the increase in complexity of infrastructure construction, such as projects in demanding urban environments. Kreate aims to continue to focus on the execution of demanding infrastructure construction projects in the future.

Strengthening and expanding the customer base and the service offering

Kreate’s strategy is to expand and strengthen its customer base and service offering. The company sees growth and expansion opportunities in in different sectors, such as municipal technology, large commercial ports and waterways, technical works of railways and light rail solutions, construction of streets in demanding urban areas and wind power park projects.1

Supporting the strategy with selected acquisitions

Kreate has successfully executed acquisitions that have complemented its expertise. Acquisitions are primarily seen as means of expanding and supplementing Kreate’s current capabilities. Kreate focuses on profitable and financially healthy companies whose culture, strategy and values are compatible with Kreate. Further, Kreate aims to complement its offering with new expertise through acquisitions. In acquisitions, it is also important that the acquired company operates in an attractive segment that supports Kreate’s growth opportunities.

Supporting profitability by improving the operational efficiency

Kreate has managed to maintain its profitability on a good level despite the strong revenue growth. This has been enabled by Kreate’s competent personnel, capability to win tenders, wide co-operation between the business areas and efficient processes. Kreate aims to continuously to improve its operations and efficiency and prepares annually an operational action plan in which it identifies the main areas for developing the efficiency of operations during the following year.

[1] Source: Third-party Market Study (Market size and position).