A strong and versatile infrastructure construction specialist

We offer high-quality solutions for bridges, roads and tracks, environmental and foundation construction, the circular economy and geotechnical needs. As a specialist in demanding projects, we focus on comprehensive quality and cost-efficiency and work flexibly, respecting the customer. We, the Kreate team, are building a better world every day.

You can find us in many locations

We have ongoing projects across Finland. Our head office is located in Tuusula, and we have offices in Tampere, Lappeenranta, Joensuu, Seinäjoki, Kouvola and Oulu. Furthermore, our associated company KFS Finland Oy has offices in Vantaa, Hämeenlinna, Lappeenranta, Vuokatti and Vihti.

Values backing our competence

Our operations are guided by strong basic values that guarantee a solution-oriented and reliable approach to our wide range of customers.


One thing is sacred for us and it is something we never compromise on – our integrity. With us, the customer does not get a false impression about the scope, schedule or cost of the project. If there are any changes, we immediately communicate them with straightforward honesty. We follow the same model of integrity internally in every situation.


We are proud of what we do. We have the guts to raise the bar higher and higher and to challenge our competition, the industry and especially ourselves. Tomorrow, we want to be better than we were today. We are passionately looking for answers to questions that no one has even dared to ask before. That keeps us ahead of the pack as pioneers.


We want to nurture enjoyable collaboration between our customers, partners and our team. We like to think that humanity and kindness are particularly important in this rough business. For us, this means that we show appreciation and respect to others and have a sense of humour as well.


It is easy and straightforward to work with us. A flat organization and avoiding unnecessary bureaucracy make it possible to make decisions close to the customer. We do not place ourselves above the customer or hide behind titles, and we always have a face in the direction of the customer. The simplicity is also internally reflected in the ease and smoothness of operations.

Our mission drives us forward

Our mission is to build a better world every day.

With uncompromising skill, relentless willpower and strong experience. We challenge the existing conventions and develop and create something new. These guidelines shape our work from the planning stage onward and become concrete actions on project and construction sites. Regardless of where we are, and in any weather, we are not afraid to get our hands dirty.

Our customers

We have both private and public sector customers and, in many projects, we partner with other construction companies. What our customers have in common is that they value a cost-efficient, reliable partner with high standards of quality. One that delivers on its promises.

How did it all start?

Kreate was born on 1 April 2015 when three proven infrastructure construction companies – Fin-Seula Oy, Insinööritoimisto Seppo Rantala Oy and Kesälahden Maansiirto Oy – joined forces. We named the company Kreate because it sounded rough to us, just like the business. The name also describes how every day we build and create something new, developing the world as well as ourselves. The companies that merged to form Kreate have more than 190 years of combined experience.