Kreate Oy receives primarily electronic invoices. Invoice attachments must be sent with the invoice. We do not accept consolidated invoices – each site must be invoiced separately.

In addition to mandatory invoice entries, the invoice must include the work number and the name of the orderer. The work number must be on the invoice as a reference for the buyer, in a field according to the Finvoice standard . The field in question must contain no other information than plain work number.


E-invoice address: 003701687166

E-invoice operator: Apix Messaging Oy

Operator ID 003723327487

E-mail invoice

If sending of e-invoices is not possible, invoices can be sent in PDF format by email to
the address Please note:

  • One e-mail may contain only one PDF file with only one invoice. The other files in the e-mail are added to the invoice as an attachment.
  • The name of the invoice file must contain the word invoice
  • The name of the attachment file must contain the word attachment
  • The name of the attachment must contain only standard characters, a-z, A-Z, 0–9
  • Maximum file size 2 MB. E-mail can be a maximum of 7 Mb

Paper invoices by post 

Kreate Oy
PO box 1000

  • Only send invoices with attachments for scanning
  • Do not use staples

Other post 

Kreate Oy
Haarakaari 42
FI-04360 Tuusula

Effects of the reverse VAT obligation for construction services 

Kreate Oy is a non-occasional entrepreneur selling construction services in accordance
with paragraph 8 c (1) of the Value Added Tax Act, to which the law on the reverse VAT
obligation in the construction sector is applied as a buyer. With reverse VAT, the seller
invoices construction services using the following details:

  • The seller’s own business ID
  • Kreate Oy business ID 0168716-6
  • The sentence “No added VAT, reverse VAT obligation Value Added Tax Act 8 c (1)”

Terms of payment 

30 days net, 21 days -2 %, 30 days net, 14 days -4 %, 30 days net

Further information