The project will be launched in autumn 2021. It comprises the construction of Kruunuvuorensilta bridge between Korkeasaari and Kruunuvuorenranta and the Finkensilta bridge between Nihti and Korkeasaari. Moreover, it includes preliminary construction work at Korkeasaari. At 1.2 km, the Kruunuvuorensilta bridge will be the longest in Finland once it is completed.

– As a joint venture, we have carefully and extensively prepared for the execution of this unique project. I am proud of our personnel, as the engineering requirements for the Crown Bridges contract were exceptionally demanding. Strategically, the project involves our solid core competence, explains Kreate Group’s President & CEO Timo Vikström.

The project will take several years to execute and its value is approximately EUR 123 million. Kreate will recognise its 50% share of the contract in the Q2 order backlog. The project will be completed in 2025.

Kreate Group Plc

Kirsi-Marjut Dickman
Communications Manager