The contract for Kreate’s foundation and engineering construction experts includes the construction of a car park, its yard deck and a parking area, complete with building services engineering, in Kokinniitty in Espoo where our worksite is located in a new residential area in the inner yard of a construction site for six multi-storey blocks.

Due to the very challenging ground conditions, approximately 600 reinforced concrete piles will be driven inside the area of the car park and the outside areas will be reinforced by means of pile and mass stabilisation; in total, there are nearly 30,000 metres of stabilisation. Special foundation construction professionals from KFS Finland Oy, a company partially owned by Kreate, are responsible for the stabilisation and impact pile driving work at the location.

A pile plate of nearly 6,000 m² will be cast underneath the car park and, once the arch piles have been lifted, the moulding, reinforcement and casting work for a yard deck covering 5,100 m² will begin. The deck, which will act as the courtyard for the multi-storey blocks, will house a playground and flower beds. We will also perform the electrical and HVAC installations at the location.

The contract is also made more demanding by the pump house that will be located in the middle of the car park; we will implement it below the base plate at a depth of three metres. The trench for the pump house will be supported by sheet piles and steel structures.

Kreate is promoting more sustainable infrastructure construction and the circular economy with its projects in many ways. The concrete waste created in this project is delivered to our circular economy zone in Vantaa, where the concrete is crushed for utilisation at our own worksites and those of other parties. As regards concrete structures, we cooperate with Naulankanta Geo&Building Oy.

The contract schedule runs from 3/2024 until 11/2024.

Kreate toteuttaa mittavan pysäköintikokonaisuuden Kokinniityssä Espoossa.





Kokinniitty 1–3, Espoo



Project Leader

Ville Oikari

Project personnel

Position Name Phone Email
Construction Manager Ville Oikari +358 40 591 9275 ville.oikari(a)
Worksite Manager Tapio Siirto +358 50 572 8447 tapio.siirto(a)