In the first phase of the project, new central bypass lanes were built on the main highway of Southern Ostrobothnia for the section between the Atria flyover junction and Hipintie as well as the section between Muurimäki and Patruunatehtaantie. In addition, the Atria flyover junction was improved, a new flyover junction was built at Muurimäki and a new Patruunatehdas underpass was built. Noise protection and new road lighting were also implemented. Thanks to the project being implemented as a joint project venture, the traffic on the section of Highway 19 between Seinäjoki and Lapua became smoother, and traffic safety also improved.

One of the most time-consuming planning tasks during the development phase involved the solutions for Atria’s water and wastewater lines, for which we guaranteed uninterrupted operation of the water supply. Safety, on the other hand, was increased by the level improvement of the Muurinmäki flyover junction, as the bridge was built wider than in the original plan. On the wider bridge, even larger vehicles can meet each other safely. In addition, the idea of utilising the ramp on the west side of the Atria flyover junction as a parallel road brought cost savings to the construction. The pilings of the Muurimäki bridge were handled by the special foundation construction professionals of Kreate’s joint venture KFS Finland.

The circular economy was taken into account in many ways, e.g. by utilising the masses generated by the project in the construction of roads and junctions. When the masses did not have to be moved long distances, carbon dioxide emissions decreased. In addition, for example, we replaced filter sand with crushed rock, which is cheaper and has better availability. In addition, a new alignment was designed for the Hipintie intersection during the development phase, which will better serve the highway’s future development needs.

The contract time of the joint project commissioned by the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, the City of Seinäjoki and the City of Lapua was from February 2022 to September 2023. The value of the implementation stage of the STk (planning and implementation) contract was approximately 20 million euros, of which Kreate’s share was 50 per cent.

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Construction Manager Ari-Pekka Linna +358 400 408 805 ari-pekka.linna(a)
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