Our infrastructure builders are executing the Hankasalontie contract where we build Hankasalontie, a road that will be located to the north of Turunväylä, and the crossing streets connected to it. In addition to the existing settlements, the area being constructed will house an extensive area for business, Rosti business park. Hankasalontie, 1.5 kilometres in length, will act as the main street for the area, consisting of a roadway with a width of 7.5 metres, a lane featuring plants and a combined pavement and cycleway that is four metres in width.

The challenging ground conditions and substantial utility works make the contract interesting. In places, the streets will be located on high banks and inside deep rock cuts. A large number of pre-stressing embankments will also be built during the project, some of which will be dismantled after the settlement period and replaced by a relieving material. The project also involves open rock cuts, pipeline trench blasting and surface excavation.

As we are committed to sustainable construction and the smart use of raw materials, we will also utilise as many recycled and recovered materials as possible. Virgin soil will be replaced by circular economy materials when permits allow it, which will improve the eco-friendliness of infrastructure construction. In the Hankasalontie contract, we are examining the opportunities to use crushed foam glass made from recycled glass in the roads’ structural layers, and crushed aggregate made from recycled concrete and brick.

The value of this contract is nearly EUR 10 million and the contract schedule is from 12/2023 to 5/2025.





Vanha Turuntie 736, Vihti



Project Leader

Samuel Laitinen

Project personnel

Position Name Phone Email
Construction Manager Samuel Laitinen +358 41 433 0857 samuel.laitinen(a)kreate.fi
Responsible Site Manager Janne Neste +358 40 523 9365 janne.neste(a)kreate.fi