With the construction of Helsinki’s Central Pasila, the number of residents and the amount of traffic will increase, which also increases the need for the development of transport connections. In the Veturitie and Ratapihakorttelit project, Kreate widened Veturitie between Höyrykatu and Hakamäentie in order to make traffic flow more smoothly, and built new access roads and collector streets in the area of Ratapihakortteli.

The contract also renovated the Veturitie overpass and built the Radioportti underpass. The multifaceted project included transport infrastructure and railway construction as well as the circular economy and bridge construction.

A new 7-lane bridge was built mainly at night

The new Veturitie runs next to the railway from Pasilankatu to the Veturitie bridge, which was built approximately three times wider than the old bridge. The old Veturitie bridge had three lanes, but the new one has seven. In order to guarantee smooth traffic connections, demolition and construction work was carried out in stages. Because rail traffic had to be taken into account, bridge work was mostly carried out at night.

The bridge was built in two blocks so that vehicle traffic on the bridge could be maintained throughout the construction.

Kreate urakoi mittavassa Veturitie ja Ratapihakorttelit -hankkeella Helsingin Pasilassa.





Veturitie 3, Helsinki



Project Leader

Jyrki Perokorpi

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Projektipäällikkö Jyrki Perokorpi 040 765 3563 jyrki.perokorpi@kreate.fi
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