A bypass round the Klaukkala urban area will be built between Main road 3 and Road 132. The new eight-kilometre road will be a single carriageway. Flyover junctions will be built for Kirkkotie, Luhtajoentie, Road 130 and Main road 3, with any necessary additional road and street arrangements. The area’s pedestrian and cycling routes and public transport stop arrangements will be improved. Acoustic screening will also be built along the bypass. The contract includes demanding excavation, including around the motorway. Moreover, the 110 metre Lamminsuo flyover, which runs over Main road 3, is technically difficult to execute due to the busy motorway.

At the development stage, Kreate found some excellent, innovative solutions that resulted in cost savings and improved the project’s mass haul control and technical solutions. For example, we optimised the bridge types and spans and managed to reduce the volumes generated in the earthworks operations. Furthermore, all of the generated soil and rock material can be utilised in construction rather than transported away.

All in all, the solution will not only reduce the environmental impacts, but it will also reduce traffic congestion, the use of virgin materials and costs. During the development stage, a decision was also made to reinforce soft points with alternative materials and methods. We will use not only foam glass and expanded clay, but also innovative and unconventional recycled materials, thereby reducing the use of virgin materials in infrastructure construction and providing a circular economy solution.

The value of Kreate’s contract is approximately EUR 25 million. The customer is the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, and the execution schedule is from February 2019 to September 2021.

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Project Leader

Sami Laakso

Project personnel

Position Name Phone Email
Construction Manager Sami Laakso +358 50 380 3105 sami.laakso(a)kreate.fi
Responsible Site Manager, Transport Infrastructure construction Jarmo Karjalainen +358 400 274 166 jarmo.karjalainen(a)kreate.fi
Responsible Site Manager, Rock engineering Samuel Laitinen +358 41 433 0857 samuel.laitinen(a)kreate.fi


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