Kreate Group Plc                Stock exchange release      31 March 2021 at 08:45 a.m. EET

Changes in Kreate Group’s Management Team

Kreate Group Plc has decided to carry out organisational changes to strengthen its competitiveness and market leadership position.

“The infrastructure construction industry is evolving. We need to develop our business models due to the increasing popularity of joint procurement and growing changes in market demand. As an industry pioneer, we want to make timely decisions to ensure the continued competitiveness of Kreate Group,” says Timo Vikström, President & CEO of Kreate Group.

Investments in railway construction

Bachelor of Civil Engineering Timo Leppänen (b. 1973) has been appointed Vice President, Railway Construction and a member of Kreate Group’s Management Team starting 1 April 2021. Mr. Leppänen has strong experience of 25 years in infrastructure construction. He has worked with railway construction since year 2004 in the service of VR Track Oy and YIT Corporation. Prior to joining Kreate, Leppänen worked at YIT as Production Manager in the Jokeri Light Rail line project.

“Construction will increasingly concentrate in the vicinity of railway and light rail connections. Railway construction will be emphasised also in other future projects. I am happy that we have Timo Leppänen’s strong and versatile expertise to lead our railway business,” Vikström says.

Internal role changes to improve competitiveness

Senior Vice President, Transport Infrastructure Construction, Master of Science (Technology) Jaakko Kivi (b. 1971) transitions to head Kreate’s Technical Office and continues as a member of the Management Team. The Technical Office supports Group units in matters pertaining to, for instance, project management, digitalisation and offer calculation. Kivi will also oversee EVM (early involvement model) -contracts such as alliances. Kivi has over 20 years of experience in demanding infrastructure projects both at Kreate and previously at Lemminkäinen Corporation.

Construction Manager, Bachelor of Engineering Sami Laakso (b. 1975) has been appointed Vice President, Transport Infrastructure Construction, and a member of Kreate Group’s Management Team. He has nearly 20 years of experience in the industry from Soraset Yhtiöt Oy, Skanska Infra Oy and Kreate. Previously, Laakso worked as Project Manager in Kreate’s bypass construction project in Klaukkala.

Currently heading Kreate’s Technical Office, Vice President, Master of Science (Technology) Tommi Hakanen (b. 1978) transitions to the position of CEO at Kreate’s associated company KFS Finland Oy and continues as a member of the Management Team. Mr. Hakanen has 15 years of experience in demanding geotechnology positions at Skanska Infra Oy, Lemminkäinen Infra Oy and YIT Infra Oy.

As of 1 April 2021, the Management Team of Kreate Group Plc comprises:

  • Timo Vikström, President & CEO
  • Antti Heinola, CFO
  • Katja Pussinen, Vice President, HR
  • Jaakko Kivi, Vice President, Technical Office (and Transport Infrastructure Construction until 31 May 2021)
  • Sami Laakso, Vice President, Transport Infrastructure Construction (as of 1 June 2021)
  • Timo Leppänen, Vice President, Railway Construction
  • Sami Rantala, Vice President, Bridge Construction and Repair
  • Tommi Lehtola, Vice President, Foundation and Rock Engineering, and Circular Economy
  • Tommi Hakanen, Vice President, Special Foundation Construction

The current CEO of Kreate Rata Oy Juha Salminen resigns as a member of the company’s Management Team continuing in the company’s service.

Technical Director, Petri Uitus concentrates on his important role in Transport Infrastructure Construction offer calculation and resigns from the Management Team.

Current CEO of KFS Finland Oy, Ville Niutanen continues in the service of the company as project manager in Stabilization business.

Kreate Group Plc
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About Kreate Group Oyj

Kreate Group is one of the leading infrastructure construction companies in Finland. The company offers solutions for bridges, roads and railways, environmental and ground engineering, circular economy and geotechnical needs. As a specialist in demanding projects, Kreate focuses on comprehensive quality and cost-effectiveness. The group’s revenue was approximately EUR 235 million in 2020 and the company has over 400 employees. Kreate Group is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.