On 21 September 2021, the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency issued a procurement decision to choose Kreate Oy as an alliance partner in the project for renovating the Kirjalansalmi and Hessundinsalmi bridges along highway 180. All four parties selected for tendering submitted a tender on executing the project. 

“I am very satisfied with our choice of partner based on demanding negotiations, and I strongly believe in the successful execution of the project together with Kreate Oy”, says project manager Janne Wikström from the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency. 

“Kreate was selected to execute one of the most demanding bridge projects in Finland through an alliance model, which once again demonstrates our customers’ trust in the high professional skill of Kreate’s personnel”, says Timo Vikström, President & CEO of Kreate Group Plc.

“The Kirjalansalmi bridge is an exceptionally demanding project that requires very strong technical expertise, which we presented comprehensively to the client during the contractor selection process”, says Sami Rantala, Vice President, Bridge Construction and Repair at Kreate.

The procurement decision for the alliance development phase is subject to a 14-day appeal period, during which the contract cannot be signed yet. The contract between the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency and Kreate Oy can be signed no earlier than after the appeal period.

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency will later issue a separate decision on entering the execution phase of the project.

The purpose of the project is to secure the only road connection to Pargas and Turku archipelago and keep it in even better condition. Moreover, the project supports the development of the Pargas business life and land use, improves the safe and smooth flow of traffic and provides better living comfort. 

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency will communicate more extensively about the start of the development phase of the alliance contract at the time of signing the contract.