Kreate’s bridge and transport infrastructure construction professionals are building the Vinkkilä overpass and replacement road connections in a contract that allows for removing the Kaukolantie and Vinkkilä overpasses on the Tampere–Pori railway. Work in Sastamala started in October 2023.

The Vinkkilä overpass, which crosses over the Tampere–Pori railway, is a ground-supported 48-metre long slab bridge. During 2023, we will be completing the excavation work related to the bridge, the pedestals and scaffold foundations as well as the beams for the passageway, among other things; during winter 2023–2024, we will move to the scaffolding, moulding and reinforcement, and the bridge deck will be cast in spring 2024. The work performed near the railway will be performed during the natural pauses between train services, without disturbing the train traffic. The isolation and dismantling of the passageway will be performed during a longer break that is agreed on with traffic planning.

As part of the contract, we will also be building road connections that replace two level crossings by building a new road from Kaukolantie via Vinkkiläntie to Sastamalantie. We will also be building a pedestrian and bicycle way along Sastamalantie and widening Sastamalantie in the area of a new junction. During 2023, we will complete the road foundation up to the dividing layer, moving to the load-bearing layer in the spring. The contract also includes work related to closing level crossings.

The contract for the Vinkkilä overpass is part of the project for removing and improving level crossings between Tampere and Pori, the aim of which is to improve traffic safety by removing level crossings and using other cost-effective means.

The value of this contract commissioned by the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency is EUR 2.4 million and the contract schedule is from 10/2023 to 6/2024.

Kreate rakentaa Vinkkilän ylikulkusillan ja väyliä Sastamalassa.





Sastamalantie 421, Sastamala



Project Leader

Ari Välimaa

Project personnel

Position Name Phone Email
Construction Manager Ari Välimaa +358 400 792 472 ari.valimaa(a)
Worksite Manager Juuso Siuko +358 40 7019 653 juuso.siuko(a)
Responsible Site Manager, bridge construction Jani Rantavuori +358 40 8614870 jani.rantavuori(a)
Responsible Site Manager, transport infrastructure construction Krista Tevaniemi +358 50 431 0722 krista.tevaniemi(a)