Poikkimaantie is an important transverse connection on the southern side of central Oulu, from Hiukkavaara to Oritkari port. Kreate will improve 4.5 kilometres of the two-lane Poikkimaantie, widening it to four lanes across 2.4 kilometres between the Kiilakiventie intersection and Äimärautio.

During the project, professionals from Kreate will build 10 new bridges and repair 5 bridges. The overpass at Äimärautio also requires firm expertise in railways due to the 12 electrified tracks that run beneath it. The project also includes improving intersections, renewing illumination and traffic lights and building noise barriers at the Mäntylä, Nokela, Lintula and Kaukovainio residential areas.

Poikkimaantie has become a significant route for work traffic, errands and heavy traffic. The road section that is now being improved sees up to 16,000 vehicles per day and, at present, the service level on the route is poor especially during peak hours. Traffic volumes are estimated to grow in the near future, as the change in Stora Enso’s production direction will increase heavy transport volumes and the new Hiukkavaara residential area, with capacity for more than 24,000 residents, will be constructed to the east of Oulujoki river. The improvement of Poikkimaantie will improve traffic flow and safety as well as make transports more fluent for the business life. Upon completion, the project will also increase living comfort as the detrimental noise caused by traffic will decrease, and it will help with securing the prerequisites for land use in the area.

In terms of traffic flow, one important matter to be considered is Stora Enso’s factory traffic that runs through the project area. Kreate has experience operating in demanding factory environments, and so we will ensure the flow of factory traffic as well as the busy car, bicycle and pedestrian traffic with good planning.

In addition to the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, clients for the project are the City of Oulu, Fintraffic and Oulun Vesi. The contract, worth almost EUR 30 million, started in May 2023 and will be completed by the end of October 2025.

Kreate toteuttaa Mt 8155 Poikkimaantie parantaminen -hankkeen, jossa Oulun sataman vilkkaasti liikennöidyn pääväylän turvallisuutta ja liikenteen sujuvuutta parannetaan vastaamaan kasvavaa liikennemäärää





Poikkimaantie, Oulu



Project Leader

Juha Schönberg

Project personnel

Position Name Phone Email
Construction Project Manager Juha Schönberg +358 40 587 9759 juha.schonberg(a)kreate.fi
Worksite Manager Juha Lappalainen +358 50 309 0053 juha.lappalainen(a)kreate.fi
Construction Manager, bridge construction Ville Tiiro +358 50 316 0739 ville.tiiro(a)kreate.fi
Construction Manager, railway construction Aleksi Romppainen +358 41 731 4386 aleksi.romppainen(a)kreate.fi