In August 2024, Metropolitan Area Transport Ltd signed an agreement concerning the development stage of the alliance contract for the Koskela depot project with a consortium called Akseli. Kreate partnered with Skanska, the project supervisor belonging to the consortium during the competitive bidding stage, and the collaboration continues with the agreement for the development stage.

In the development stage, the task of our experts is to offer cost-effective solutions that best support the client’s goals in railway construction as well as alternatives for the circular economy, such as the management of materials during the demolishing stage. Utilising Kreate’s expertise in the circular economy during the development of the project supports the client’s goal of promoting environmentally sustainable construction projects.

Metropolitan Area Transport will make a separate decision on the implementation stage; the target for shifting to it has been set for autumn 2024.

Visualisation: Metropolitan Area Transport Ltd

Kreate mukaan Koskelan varikon allianssiurakan kehitysvaiheeseen





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