Privacy notice

1. Purpose of this Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice is aimed at people who want to know what types of data we collect about them and how we use their data. Kreate Oy follows the Finnish Personal Data Act and Information Society Code, for which the Data Protection Ombudsman provides supervision and guidance. We also comply with the laws applying to the use of cookies, which the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency supervises. Please read this Privacy Notice carefully so that you understand the data we collect about you as well as how we use your data and your rights relating to the data collection.

2. Collected data

Kreate’s websites use cookies. Learn more about cookies.
We use the following tools to collect anonymous/non-personal data:
• Google Analytics
If you wish, you may use our website in private browsing or incognito mode on your web browser.

3. When data is collected

We collect anonymous cookie data whenever you visit our website.

4. How we use the collected data

Among others, we use cookies for:
• Improving the website user interface and user experience
• Providing faster customer service
• Improving our online marketing