The challenge comes from the individual demanding work stages, the management of massive material flows and the large scale of the project, where multiple stages are executed simultaneously in the same area by various parties. The construction is made more challenging by the high number of people in the Helsinki Airport area, with some 15 million travellers a year passing by and through the worksite. Ensuring smooth traffic and the satisfaction of people is a priority in the project.

The T2 Infra contract comprises diverse foundation and concrete engineering tasks as well as excavations above the current Ring Rail Line, for example. The excavations require skill and precision, as the contract includes a connection with an existing Ring Rail Line station located right below the upcoming car park. The excavations will be carried out by Kreate’s own Rock Engineering unit.

The infrastructure contract also includes five bridges, such as ramp bridges and the railway bridge over the Ring Rail Line. A bridge will be built inside the Ring Rail Line. It will feature scaffolding for the duration of the work and a protective structure that doubles as protection for the excavations. The construction will take place at night during railway shutdowns. There is constant traffic under the Ring Rail Line, and working in the railway environment is a skill of its own.

The demanding T2 Infra is a good example of a project where we utilise the diverse competence of our different units in order to deliver high-quality results. In T2 Infra, we are utilising our solid expertise in rock engineering and foundation, concrete, bridge and transport infrastructure construction.

The execution stage started in July 2019, and it is part of the contract on the infrastructure section that Kreate Oy signed in November 2018 with SRV, which forms the T2 Alliance with Finavia Corporation, ALA Architects Ltd, Arkkitehtitoimisto HKP Oy and Ramboll Finland Ltd.

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Helsinki Airport
Terminal 2



Project Leader

Ville Oikari

Project personnel

Position Name Phone Email
Senior Construction Manager Ville Oikari +358 40 591 9276 ville.oikari(a)
Construction Manager Tatu Tarkiainen +358 50 539 5210 tatu.tarkiainen(a)
Responsible Site Manager, Rock engineering Olli Wéman +358 45 849 7888 olli.weman(a)


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