The exciting lock and waterway parts of the Kimola Canal project demonstrate the full spectrum of infrastructure construction, and seamless collaboration between Kreate’s individual units ensures their successful execution. The project includes many technically challenging tasks, such as the excavation and reinforcement of a rock tunnel as well as massive concrete structures and their fitting with the sturdy lock gates. The structures must be precisely and carefully executed.

The lock project comprises the dismantlement of the old steel-and-concrete log lifting structures. The upcoming new ship lock will be built between cofferdams, and it will include reinforced concrete structures and gate structures with an approx. 12 m rise. The rock tunnel below the ship lock will be expanded, and waiting docks will be constructed at the upper and lower sides of the ship lock. The contract also includes the renovation of a 500 m section of Road 363. The price for the lock contract is EUR 6.4 million.

A five-kilometre section of the waterway will be renovated, with the old log-driving channel between Konnivesi and Pyhäjärvi being modified for boating. The section will undergo dredging and protection from erosion at the channel slopes. In addition to underwater digging, the contract includes measures for strengthening the bottom, such as unloading cuts, soil replacement, loading berms and filling of eroded sections. The value of the waterway contract is EUR 9.5 million.

The execution of the Kimola Canal project’s lock and waterway parts requires broad special expertise in infrastructure construction. The project includes underwater work as well as tasks involving cofferdams. The execution requires experience and problem-solving skills from the people responsible.

The customer is the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency. The state funds 2/3 of the project with the local municipalities funding 1/3. After project completion, the channel will be owned by the City of Kouvola. The execution schedule is from June 2018 to December 2019.

Kimolan kanava





Kimola Canal



Project Leader

Mika Seppälä

Project personnel

Position Name Phone Email
Senior Construction Manager Mika Seppälä +358 50 316 0707 mika.seppala(a)
Responsible Site Manager, Lock Tomi Pyökeri +358 40 197 8777 tomi.pyokeri(a)
Responsible Site Manager, Waterway Jukka Nieminen +358 50 436 7772 jukka.nieminen(a)
Responsible Site Manager, Rock engineering Olli Wéman +358 45 849 7888 olli.weman(a)


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