The main contractor of the Tampere Deck and Arena project is SRV, which ordered the execution of the southern deck from Kreate Oy as a project management contract. The project focuses on building a deck spanning approximately two hectares above a railway, which will then create a strong foundation for accommodation, work and entertainment. The top of the deck will feature tall residential buildings and a multi-purpose arena. The arena will serve as a venue for various culture and sporting events, including ice hockey games for the 2022 World Championship.

The project is developed by SRV, and SRV is the main contractor that will deliver the structures above the deck. Kreate’s contract includes the site preparation, foundation and construction of the Tampere Deck as well as the construction of the related street infrastructure and municipal engineering. The Tampere Deck is located right at the heart of the city at a traffic node. The busiest railway in Finland must be kept in operation throughout the project, and all the work is tightly scheduled. It is essential to ensure the safety of and provide access routes to everyone who uses or passes through the railway station.

The contract involves building a concrete-structure deck above a rail yard at the southern end of the area. The extensive project also includes excavations, bracing and foundation work related to the Kansleri overpass and civil defence shelters, and a separate contract for building the “Sorin parkki” parking facility. Kreate will also deliver the substructures for the related residential buildings up until the top level of the deck, the foundations for stairwells and a water reservoir for the sprinkler system.

These structures comprise some 16,000 m of drill piling, transport infrastructure including streets; water and sanitation; sewers, neighbourhood construction and the demolition of the current structures, among other things. Kreate is responsible for planning and implementing traffic arrangements at the site, project management and design guidance. Kreate’s customer is SRV, and Kreate will have completed its contract in early 2020.

Tampereen kansi hanke





Tampere Railway Station,



Project Leader

Sami Rantala

Project personnel

Position Name Phone Email
Project Manager Timo Hirvasmaa +358 400 627 461 timo.hirvasmaa(a)
Construction Manager Juuso Siuko +358 40 701 9653
Site Engineer Mari Sipilä +358 40 757 0054
BIM Specialist Aki Kopra +358 50 575 7723


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