Our transport infrastructure construction unit built bypass lanes on Highway 4 between Kuivaniemi and Simo. The work started in mid-March and was completed in autumn 2020. With the implementation of the project, both traffic flow and traffic safety on the highway improved.

Kreate implemented a pair of overtaking lanes for a distance of some 7.5 kilometres, and also built a median guardrail and game fences on both sides of the highway.  In the main, the widening of the road required by the overtaking lanes could be carried out on the side of the existing road, although the speed limits had to be lowered and the lanes had to be narrowed from time to time.

The customer was the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, and the contract price was approximately 5.8 million euros.

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Project Leader

Juha Schönberg

Project personnel

Position Name Phone Email
Construction Manager Juha Schönberg +358 40 587 9759 juha.schonberg(a)kreate.fi


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