The execution of the Kivistö urban centre area project requires expertise in foundation, bridge, transport infrastructure and general infrastructure construction. Furthermore, Kreate’s strong competence regarding the circular economy supports the recycling of materials in connection with the infrastructure construction for the Kivistö urban centre.

The customer’s plan takes the circular economy well into account, for example in terms of the high volume of crushed concrete. Of the total 38,000 tonnes of crushed concrete, part of it is sourced from bridges demolished in the area and another part of it comes from a nearby supplier. In addition to crushed concrete, Kreate reuses the Kivistö worksite’s moraine-based excavated material in slopes and banks built in the area and transports some three hectares of asphalt to be recycled a few kilometres away from the worksite. The scheduling of the different work stages and the intermediate storage of materials is based on effective worksite and work stage planning. Furthermore, unnecessary transports are avoided. The worksite must take into account busy vehicle traffic passing through the worksite, which poses a challenge in the planning.

The customer is the City of Vantaa, the total value of the contract is more than EUR 6.2 million and the execution schedule is from July 2018 to November 2019.

Kiviston silta








Project Leader

Jarmo Tamminen

Project personnel

Position Name Phone Email
Construction Manager Jarmo Tamminen +358 40 572 5400 jarmo.tamminen(a)
Construction Manager Matti Rekilä +358 40 532 2171 matti.rekila(a)
Responsible Site Manager Taisto Malinen +358 50 528 0272 taisto.malinen(a)


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