Kreate Group Plc’s Board of Directors has decided on a new share bonus plan 2024–2026 which is a continuation of the company’s previous similar share bonus plans. The aim of the plan is to align the objectives of the company, shareholders, and key persons to increase the company value in the long term. In addition, the objective of the share bonus plan is to commit the key persons to the company and to offer them an incentive based on earning and accumulating the company’s shares and on share value growth. The share bonus plan is targeted towards key persons of the Group and the Group’s joint venture, including the members of the company’s Management Team.

Share bonus plan for 2024–2026

The share bonus plan offers the key persons in the target group an opportunity to earn the company’s shares by converting into shares a portion, which is to be decided by the Board of Directors, of the performance bonus earned for 2024 within the performance bonus plan. A performance bonus converted into shares is multiplied by a bonus multiplier decided by the Board of Directors before the payment of the bonus.

The possible bonus within the share bonus plan is paid after a two-year commitment period in 2027, partly in the company’s shares and partly in cash. The purpose of the cash portion is to cover the taxes and tax-like charges incurred due to the bonus by the key person. In connection with the payment, the key person is credited for the dividends paid and possible funds distributed during the commitment period.

The share bonus plan target group includes approximately 73 key persons, including the members of the company’s Management Team. In the share bonus plan, the persons included in the target group may convert into shares a maximum of approximately EUR 1.8 million in total of the performance bonuses they have earned. A matching bonus is paid for the shares with a bonus multiplier of 0.5. As a rule, the matching bonus is not paid if the key person’s employment or service contract terminates during the commitment period. The final number of shares paid out of the plan depends on the number of persons participating in the plan, the realised performance bonus and the share price at the time of conversion.

Board of Directors

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Kreate Group is one of the leading infrastructure construction companies in Finland. The company offers solutions for bridges, roads and railways, environmental and ground engineering, circular economy and geotechnical needs. As a specialist in demanding projects, Kreate focuses on comprehensive quality and cost-effectiveness. The Group’s revenue was EUR 320 million in 2023 and the company has over 450 employees. Kreate Group is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.